Simultaneous interpreting

A highly skilled and complex task, where the interpreter is isolated in a sound proof booth and speaks into a microphone at the same time as the speaker. Also known as an oral form of translation enabling real-time cross linguistic communication in a conference, It involves using technical equipment allowing the interpreters to render a message into a target language, via earphones, live. This is a perfect mode of interpretation for international events, conferences, round table meetings and multi-ligual symposium.

Consecutive interpreting

Our expert interpreters would in this case wait until the speaker has finished delivering his message before beginning the interpretation. This method involves note taking and a time lapse between the two renderings. An ideal option for small round table meetings, ceremonies and one-on-one press conferences.

Liaison interpreting

A technique usually requested by small groups, government officials, business executives, investors, and observers. It is a personalized technique that involves relaying a message in one language into another target language, after a short speech, consecutively sentence by sentence or through “whispered” simultaneous interpreting. It can either be done without equipment, or with a discrete ear-piece, also known as a “bidule”. Liaison interpreting also known as Escort interpreting, is marked by the spontaneity and broad spectrum of situations interpreters may find themselves in, from formal meetings to tours to cocktail parties.